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invisible Fiat day

Today I am naming officially Invisible Fiat Day.  I had 4 cars and 2 pedestrians jump right in front of me in the last 24 hours.   Either there is a holiday death wish going around or people are really not watching where they are going.  Thank goodness for great brakes on this little car.

I suggest if you are a new small car driver you just plan on people not seeing you and if you happen to drive a electric (SILENT) small car, act as if you are Wonder Woman in the invisible jet.  It is totally up to you to avoid obstacles because you are not seen or heard by anyone.

Antonio now has 7700 all electric miles!  I did have to have the inverter replaced which was a recall and it died the day I was leaving for a vacation which was handy.  Just dropped off the car at the dealership and hopped on my cruise to Hawaii.  Picked the car up the day I got home.  It's like we both got a little vacation.  I came home with a tan and Antonio was clean and running again when I got home. 


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Craig Manning
Oct. 30th, 2015 04:42 am (UTC)
Install an AirHORN
I installed an airhorn in my 2015 500e and now I'm heard! HA!
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